TH_IS For everyone|Use the toolkit to tell your stories

Anyone who works and studies in, lives in, or longs for Tower Hamlets can tell their story about what makes the borough so special and why they're proud to belong here #OnlyinTowerHamletsTH Buzz and Smile

How to get involved

If you're an employer, visitor attraction, education setting or you are involved in community, voluntary or faith work in Tower Hamlets, we invite you to use this toolkit to shout about the great work you're doing and to talk about what you think makes Tower Hamlets so special.

You can use the four themes of culture, community, opportunity and history, or you can tell another story. TH_IS – is designed to be versatile.

The toolkit below includes downloadable graphics and guides to get started and examples of how TH_IS can be incorporated with your brand. You can also use your own images and tag #OnlyInTowerHamlets.

The TH_IS quiz is a great way to kick off conversations and get people thinking about everything our amazing borough has to offer. Share with friends, family and colleagues to test their knowledge!

If you have any questions, or need some help, please email us

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TH_IS For everyone. Your chance to say why it is such a special place to live, work and learn in, or visit. Download the TH_IS toolkit to start telling your TH_IS story and take the quiz to test your knowledge of the borough.

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Download the TH_IS toolkit

Download our toolkit and guidelines to start telling your stories about Tower Hamlets today — use #OnlyinTowerHamlets in your social media posts.

Tell us about your work

If you do use the campaign, we want to hear about it. Please send us information about any events, images, posts are anything else you have come up with as part of the campaign.

Again, email us at

So much to shout about

TH_IS is a campaign to celebrate the great and good in Tower Hamlets.

Anyone who lives in, studies, works in or visits Tower Hamlets is invited to tell their story — ranging from individual residents and visitors to large community groups, institutions, visitor attractions and organisations.

We're all blessed with some amazing assets, including:

  • Some of the country’s best destinations ranging from the crown jewels to London's only lighthouse
  • Business — global and local — that combined, generate the third highest economic output by any local authority in the U.K.
  • Over 120 parks and open spaces including Victoria Park, the People's Park, home to All Points East music festival
  • World-class art, learning and innovation
  • A proud history of welcoming immigrants, celebrating and defending diversity

All of this has made Tower Hamlets one of the most popular and fastest growing places in the UK.

But with so much happening, it is easy to miss what is going on around us.

TH_IS gives you the tools to tell your story and help others to explore them.

Your TH_IS will be different to the next person — by sharing your stories, you will be helping us all to develop a new perspective and uncover some of the lesser known sides to Tower Hamlets.

TH_IS yours.

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Tell your story your way

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TH_IS BRICK LANE poster concept
TH_IS CANARY WHARF poster concept