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Tower Hamlets is a global gateway and also a personal portal to a better future.TH Buzz and Smile

People have always been drawn to this place, creating a dynamic process of renewal, regeneration and progress that continues to this day.

Docklands Light Railway

Striving and thriving

From the very first communities, clustered around the Tower, that grew through trade and commerce to the many waves of immigration that brought new skills, trades, ideas and energy, Tower Hamlets has always been a place of transition, reinvigoration and growth. But always underpinned by one constant and unifying factor: the promise of opportunity.

This is where people come to strive, to thrive, to be fulfilled, to be enriched, to be the best they can be. Whether in education, medicine, business, social inclusion or any other aspect of life choices, it’s in the DNA of this place to offer opportunity to all.


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